About us

About us


We have been developing tecdoc web sites for more than 10 years and during this time we have paid great attention to improving the quality of the delivered code.

We believe that for each project we have to deliver the best application we can write, to offer the best solution. Our sites are user-friendly and search engines, fast and very stable.

We consider that an essential component of each collaboration is communication. That is why we are communicating a lot with our clients and, most of the time, we have managed to build long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect.

Tecdoc is an online car shop with a structure similar to the famous TecDoc software. The TecDoc database contains over 2,800,000 unique auto parts compatible with over 630,000,000 models and engine engines manufactured by all car parts manufacturers. The database currently used is the Tecdoc 2017 version. In addition, we will provide you with free annual updates of the TecDoc database for collaborators who benefit from the TecDoc hosting. The TecDoc database is available in the following languages: en, el, ro

Because we understand and appreciate your need, our team will provide you with free annual updates of the TecDoc auto parts database.

The online TecDoc Auto Parts Store is compatible with the latest versions of all major browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera.